Thales of MiletusLife comes from water ...
Thales of Miletus
about 2500 years ago

A concrete water problem ...

More than 18 years ago an expensive repair to the plumbing system of our partner was due. Lime and other deposits took a heavy toll on the installation. It was not the first repair and back then a definite solution was being searched for. We were offered the task to tweak their water, so that they would never need repairs again. We took this challenge. We initially needed to understand what exactly was not right with the water. We quickly realized that it could not only be due to the water composition because it was concerning clear, normal drinking water. However, water is not simply a molecule of hydrogen and oxygen, but much more.


Water and its Characteristics

mountain spring water

Mountain spring water water with a very high internal energy

Water is unusual in 12 points, that is to say, it contradicts the common points in these 12 scientific ideas. For example, water stretches when it freezes or has close to 3.9 ° C in the liquid state, the highest density. We researched the specific characteristics of mountain spring water that can be accounted for in every mountain spring worldwide. Here, for example, the surface pressure is always the same. These characteristics of mountain spring water render it possible that a natural spring will never top or silt up. Water has a self-cleaning mechanism, and this energy to preserve itself is the most basic of all quality characteristics of water. It can be described as the inner energy of water. This energy is stored in the bonding structure of water, the so-called hydrogen bonds. This energy is measured by determining the surface tension of a water sample.


Not All Water is the Same

That what is commonly known as drinking water is without hesitation consumable. However, there are significant differences, when one examines the internal energy of water: If lime or other substances dissolve in spring water with high internal energy, then they behave differently than in water with low internal energy. It therefore does not only depend on what is dissolved in water, but also what energies come with the water. Our goal was to refine the water so that we would get spring water quality in terms of internal energy.


Water Treatment Technologies

In the energy within the hydrogen bonds is electromagnetic energy. We have created a technology, the Ratioars®-Dom-Technology, in which the water is treated only by exposure to electromagnetic fields. Since the installation of this machinery for our partner there still to this day has been no need for repairs. We have developed the devices further and they are now offered both to small businesses and corporations as well as directly to the consumer.