Effective Engineering
since 1998


Ra|tio [lat.] reason; logical thinking


Ars [lat.] Art, until the Middle Ages also meaning science, skill

Our company was founded in Switzerland in 1998. From the beginning our main goal was clear: to apply our knowledge and know-how in all fields of activity for effective development. As a developmental engineering office for automation and process technology it is our first objective to offer our whole production as an efficient alternative compared to conventional industrial thinking. This is what led us to choose the most appropriate name for our company: Ratioars GmbH. Ratioars combines two Latin words: Ratio and Ars. Ratio is reason and logic, Ars is art. Thus, Ratioars is the art of logic.


Effective Thinking

Specifically for an engineering and development company, not only do reason and logic play a role, but also above all the art of effective thinking. Today ecological, economic and social problems affect our lives and the consequences of exploitative thinking in the last century are inexorably coming our way. This is why our way of thinking is essential. For this reason all of our products are first tested to see whether or not they are ecologically harmful.



In the past few years we have taken on many different projects and assignments and through this we have been able to vastly broaden our area of operations. Our products are targeted to the end-users, but also to corporate clients from businesses and industries. The Ratioars parent in Switzerland is our development and research center from which the Swiss market is directly serviced. The Ratioars Europe GmbH is the representation in the European Union.